Resolution: Pull-up

PLEASE read this description in its entirety - the application process and prerequisites are outlined below!

Can you taste it? Your first strict pull-up is something to savor. It’s a true mark of badassery. For the “Resolution: Pull-up” program, we’re looking for 6 peeps who are 100% ready to commit to pull-up badassery AND ready to encourage others on the same path.

Whether you’re going for your first strict pull-up or your first in years, come play (please note, we will be starting from the foundation...if you have 3+ strict pull-ups, this may not be the program for you)! Workouts will utilize a variety of tools (bar, rings, kettlebells, etc.) to develop strength, stamina and mobility for ease in your pulls.

I learned what an enormous boon it is to have a cadre of positive and genuine women surround me from the start. I learned that it takes many mundane steps, repeated over and over and over again to get to the point that you can easily, no big thang, pull UP! I have learned that I am STRONGER than I thought.
— Rachel

Dan John says for women, 3 pull-ups is a game-changer. And from my experience, that is SO true. Come see what you’re capable of. Join us for this 8-week, game-changing journey into the ninja sisterhood.


  • 8-week program to get you primed for pull-ups
  • 8 semi-private group training sessions to build strength, stamina and mobility for the bar & rings.
  • 2 60-min personal training sessions for individual pull-up domination tactics (optional)
  • Weekly homework to complete at home or as FUEL class finishers
  • Email support from me to answer any questions you may have along the way
  • Community support via private Facebook group
  • Kickoff meet n’ greet with your teammates and coach
  • 30% off post-program personal training packages to take your pull-up game to the next level
  • Real Results!!!


Before this class I couldn’t even do scap pulls. I feel much stronger. AND my 13 yr old uses the pull-up bar all the time. Yay!
— Sue
  • Program starts Wednesday May 11 and ends June 29.
  • Group sessions are Wednesdays at 7:30pm (1Hr) at FUELhouse.
  • Personal training will be scheduled individually and must be used by June 29.

INVESTMENT (3 options):

  1. FUEL members - $325
  2. FUEL members (everything included except 1-on-1 training) - $225
  3. Non-me mbers - $425 (this includes one additional FUEL class/week)

Payment is due for the full 8 weeks upon enrollment. There are no refunds for missed classes OR for this program.


I am accepting 6 people who are 100% ready to commit to pull-up badassery and ready to encourage your tribe along the way. You will be challenged, pushed hard and forged into masters of the bar. I will give you every tool I have to complete your mission, but ultimately it’s up to you to dig in, do the work and pull yourself up. This is a resolution to be present, do your absolute best and empower your crew. Because we are #strongertogether and we’re going to depend on that.

To be accepted into our Resolution: Pull-up Program you must copy, paste, and fill out the following questions in an email to with subject line: "Resolution: Pull-up". The first 6 to send in their email application will be reviewed and will then get a response regarding next steps with registration link to secure your spot!

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your fitness/health/lifestyle.
  2. Why do you want to accomplish a pull-up?
  3. Can you attend all 8 sessions (Wednesdays @ 7:30pm)?
  4. Do you have any health concerns or medical issues that we need to be aware of?
  5. What makes you a good candidate for this program at this time?
  6. Are you ready to commit to our program in its entirety and take full responsibility for your actions/choices during our program timeline? NOTE: We take this question very seriously. Please give it some thought. We need to know you’re ready to commit.

If you're ready to go, email your answers to