At FUELHOUSE, we've created an inclusive team atmosphere that makes training more fun and helps push each member to reach their full potential. 


You'll get the energy of a group setting, but everyone is encouraged to participate at their unique level. Through varying workouts you'll get a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to fitness that will help you develop the following: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We’ve structured our group class schedule for someone who plans on attending at least 5 times a week offering the perfect balance between strength and conditioning to reap the greatest benefits to make you STRONGER. LEANER. BETTER.  We continuously change our workouts to help you avoid plateaus and promote ongoing results. Classes are highly personalized and provide you with a chance to push yourself safely and effectively toward your goals.  



  • Strategy/skill session upon joining to help plan your fitness journey

  • Access to all group training classes

  • Access to Open Gym

  • Eligibility to be a member of the monthly Committed Club

  • Access to our private Facebook Community Group and Nutrition Group

  • Access to our monthly Nutrition Clinic and Rehab Clinic

  • Access to all in-house specialty workshops and movement clinics

  • On The Go Travel Workouts ebook for when your out of town 

  • Access to all of our member appreciation events and parties

  • Neighborhood discounts to our partners 

  • * New members also get 15% off retail in their first month!

Discounted pricing available on

Agreements & Paid in Full Memberships* 

Monthly: $237/mo

12 Month Unlimited Agreement: $207/mo

6 Month Unlimited Agreement: $227/mo

6 Month Paid in Full: $1,194 ($199/mo)*

12 Month Paid in Full: $2,244 ($187/mo)*

For our friends who lead crazy lifestyles/work schedules or who are wanting to use FH to supplement their outside fitness activities we do offer 2x/week (9classes/month) memberships. Please inquire at info@fuelhousegym.com if you want more info on this option.

*Discount already bundled in and applied to Paid in Full Memberhships!


We love family! Family discounts are available to family members that are billed to the same credit card/checking account. A 10% family discount will be applied to all monthly unlimited memberships listed above that meet this criteria. If family members cancel their unlimited memberships then the 10% discount will be removed. A discount has already been applied in advance to all Paid in Full memberships (see pricing above).


We also extend a discount of 10% to Police, Fire, EMS, active military, Seniors (60+), a full time student or public school teacher when you present your ID for all unlimited memberships listed above.

What does a STRATEGY SESSION look like?

Every human body is different, every individual has different goals and reasons for accomplishing those goals, that is why it is crucial that every athlete meet with a coach at least once every three months to create a specific game plan.

STRATEGY/SKILL SESSION: Every new member receives a free 30 min. strategy session to map out their fitness goals.  Additional Strategy/Skill Sessions are $47.  The process for a SS is tailored for each individual's needs but could include any or all of the following:

  • Movement Screen

  • Body Composition (body fat %)

  • Circumference Measurements

  • Body Weight

  • Nutritional Suggestions

  • 30/60/90 Day Fitness Plan Overview

  • Review of specific Skill (TGU, KB Swing, etc)

  • Injury Prevention covering pre-hab/rehab exercises for a specific issue