Kettlebell Foundations is a series of training sessions designed for consistent use by beginners and experienced kettlebell athletes alike. Simply by varying kettlebell weight and reps, you can follow this program week after week and continue to gain strength, mobility, and physical preparedness. 

Foundations is perfect for you if you’ve caught the kettlebell bug but don't have a clear direction on how to program your training sessions. In Foundations you'll level-up your kettlebell technique while getting a well-rounded workout. With such a highly-qualified instructor guiding you, you can be confident that the technique you see and learn in Foundations is absolutely safe, and the programs are seriously effective. 

The kettlebell, used properly, can and will restore your everyday athletic ability—and often to a surprising degree. You will be able to go out and play football, tennis, play 18 strong holes of golf, crush a softball, keep up with your energetic kids, hike a mountain, and whatever else life throws your way. This program makes a rich physical life possible without spending every day at the gym or stuck doing boring routines. 

Kettlebell Foundations is a sustainable way to get strong, stay fit, and enjoy your active life.