Project: STRONG

Ready to focus on getting STRONG in 2017? This small group series is intended to help you gain confidence with the barbell, emphasizing the squat, press, and deadlifts as amazing tools to help you build lean muscle and a resilient body and mind! Over the course of our eight weeks together, you'll learn how to find your way around the weight room, practice nutritional habits that support your goals, and best of all - get to train alongside a supportive group of like-minded women and accomplish things you never thought possible. Open to all levels, but will be most beneficial to women who have been strength training for less than a year.

Begins: February 22nd, 2017

Morning Tribe: W & F @ 10am

8-Week Phases

Limited to 6 awesome peeps

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Build dramatic strength, explosive power and cardiovascular endurance.  Become an expert KB Instructor or just look and move like one.  Kettlebell training develops a wide range of attributes: slow and dynamic strength, various types of endurance, muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, health, etc.  Whether pursued as an individual challenge or to establish a professional qualification, we will train to pass the same extensive testing requirements of a KB Instructor. You want to be stronger, and you want to get there safely. Strength with safety is our specialty—and no one in the world does this better than our Certified KB Coaches. We are preparing for two Level I KB Certifications that take place FALL 2017.  Plan to train for a minimum of 6 months, ideally 8 mos. if you want to certify and pass.

Begins: February 20th, 2017

Evening Tribe: M & TH @ 5:30pm

Morning Tribe: W & F @ 7am

8-week Phases

Limited to 6 awesome peeps/sesh


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  • Semi-Private Training Tribes are individually programmed and specifically coached series of hour long sessions that occur 2 times per week with 4-6 members for a minimum of 8-weeks (2 month commitment).
  • Programming is based on your needs but is intended to accelerate your progress for very particular time-bound goals that you would like to reach as soon as possible.  Whether you are participating for weight loss, general fitness, or sport-specific training, each trainer will keep you and your small group focused and entertained to help you get results faster. Start your own group of friends, family or co-workers or join a new group at any time!  If you do not see an ideal time listed on our current schedule for Tribe Training please make your request when submitting your form below.


  • Available times are based on individual Coach's schedules (see above). In cases where holidays occur we will attempt to reschedule sessions.  Random absences on your own account cannot be made up with more sessions.  We will arrange schedules prior to beginning each monthly period to plan for any known absences.
  • This is open to members and non-members of FUELhouse


  • For only $47/hour x 2 hours a week ($376/month) you will have the benefit of personal training in a very small intimate setting at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 private session (avg $110/hr).  FUELhouse members will be allowed to place their membership on hold during their semi-private training series.

  • Your investment includes:

    • Eight Week Custom Programming
    • Personalized coaching two times per week for eight weeks
    • Access to Open Gym hours at FUELhouse
    • **NEW** Access to 9 FUELhouse classes per month
    • Off-day training plan, support and measured progress  

These programs are billed monthly for a min. of 2 months via autopay. Please note that no refunds will be given once the series has begun. 

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By submitting below, you're committing to Semi-Private Training and agree to be charged the monthly rate of $376/month ($47/hour). This program will be billed monthly for a total of 2 months via autopay.  Please note that no refunds will be given once the series has begun. You will receive a confirmation email from us that you have been accepted into your Semi-Private Training Tribe along with next steps.  If you do not see an ideal time listed on our current schedule for Tribe Training please make your request when submitting your form below.

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