You'll get the energy of a group setting, but everyone is encouraged to participate at their unique level. Through varying workouts you'll get a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to fitness that will help you develop the following: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. 

We’ve structured our group class schedule for someone who plans on attending at least 5 times a week offering the perfect balance between strength and conditioning to reap the greatest benefits to make you STRONGER. LEANER. BETTER. We also sprinkle in Yoga and Mobility classes to balance out your training.

We provide a comprehensive group class offering to our members through our two main programs, FUELstrong and Hardstyle Human. Our programs deliver an extremely effective workout by incorporating functional movements; however, the movements, loading, degree of variance, and level of complexity differ across all three. You can expect that the class will be expertly coached, true to our overall mission, and scalable to any level of fitness or ability. This has been the key to our success.


Take place on M/W/F. In these classes you can always expect a strength plus metabolic conditioning focus. It's a foundational strength program that gives our students more exposure to the barbell while also getting in a great workout. FUELstrong (FS) offers daily strength and skill training along with a fun and effective metcon-style workout. FS incorporates daily strength-based movements with a workout to build a solid foundation. The movements and workouts in FS focus squarely on building a strong base and providing daily exposure to strength training. In FS students will learn how to squat, press, push, pull, carry and clean through daily strength progressions. Students will also gain exposure to common bodyweight, gymnastic, and monostructural movements. If you are newer to this style of training, this program is a fantastic introduction to complexity, loading, and variance. If your athletes are more advanced, FS helps develop mechanics, consistency, and intensity in foundational strength and moderately complex movements.


Take place on T/Th. Hardstyle Kettlebell training strengthens your stabilizer muscles (your core), which gives you strength you can apply in real life. Kettlebell exercises strengthen your entire body at one time through a full range of motion, which is the best way to train for both strength and conditioning. Whether your goal is improved balance and coordination, cardiovascular fitness, fat loss, or dynamic strength for sports, kettlebells are by far the most efficient tool you can use. If your primary goal is to lose fat, you will gain strength and endurance as well. If you want to become stronger, you will do so while improving other aspects of fitness. Don’t be surprised if you happen to hear a little more heavy metal on these days;)

While all classes are modifiable to your ability level, to ensure you feel confident and comfortable in kettlebell specific classes we ask that you have either have a solid background in Hardstyle/RKC bell training or have graduated from one of our intro options (Foundations or 1:1 training). Please contact us if you're not sure whether this class is right for you!


We’ve sprinkled in some awesome auxiliary classes to balance out your weekly training. These classes include, Yoga, Inferno, Boxing, Barbell Strong and Mobility! We offer “Drill the Skill” and Nutrition Clinics monthly! Drill the Skill clinics focus on one to two Kettlebell or Barbell exercises. These clinics are free to members and provide an incredible learning environment around our favorite lifts as well as our to best fuel our bodies!

Prepare to be challenged and sweat in all seasons!


These classes are taught in a larger group setting with the goal of improving your overall fitness. We do workouts that are broad and inclusive for people of all levels (we can work with anyone and modify where needed), and target improving capacity in Ten General Physical Skills: Accuracy, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Endurance, Power, Speed, Flexibility, Strength, Stamina.  Here we push, pull, squat, hinge, swing, rotate, balance, row, run, jump and everything in between using barbells, dumbbells, Dynamax balls, rowers, slam balls, TRX, bands, boxes….the tools are endless. We challenge your strength, muscle endurance, cardio-conditioning, and mobility, no matter what level of athlete you are. Bottom line? We move smart, and we sweat.


The Kettlebell is the one single tool has impacted the strength and conditioning levels of practitioners so profoundly it is often regarded as the single most effective tool for making massive changes in strength, conditioning, and physiques. This is the ultimate strength and conditioning training class that gets you the most efficient workout around! Your body will turn into the most powerful fat loss, super strong machine that makes everything in life easier!! In this class we use kettlebells, suspension training, body weight training, ropes, and more.