Amazing Transformation in just 45 Days!

From Our Member of the Month: Nick Eberle

This is one of the most anxiety ridden posts that I’ve ever even contemplated posting. But god damnit I’m proud of what I have done in the past 45 days. It’s not easy, there are no corners to cut and it takes a lot of meal planning and actual physical hard work. For years I always resorted to the easy diet, diet pills, fad programs, crash diets. The weight would come off but wouldn’t stay gone. As soon as those hcg/lipodrene/oxy-elite, drops/pills ran out it was back to eating like crap and packing on more fat.
In July I woke up and made a decision to actually do something that would work. Thank God for @lizaf15 introducing me to @fuelhousegym and @ironandspice from the first workout I knew I was in the right space. They both knew I had no idea what I was doing and took the extra time to work with me until I knew the basics. I can’t thank Molly and Megs enough for all of their time and for listening to me bitch/hobble around after they had basically killed me. It’s crazy how working out and eating right will really get ya closer to where you want to be. Whoever could have known?
The pic on the left was taken Sept 1st 2017 the pic on the right was taken Oct 22nd 2017. Gym 4-5 days a week, sometimes twice a day and throw a round of whole30 in there and you’re down 28 pounds. Now here’s the obligatory “I still have a lot of work to do” part of the post, but I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be. Thanks for reading this entire post, if I hadn’t written it I wouldn’t have read the whole thing. -Nick E

Well, you should be proud.  We couldn't be more proud of Nick and his transformation.  He has worked so hard for this and is reaping the benefits physically and mentally.  We hope you get a chance to meet Nick in class. He's 'effing hilarious and when you get he and Liz in the same hour its like a comedy show.  We are so blessed that you took a chance on us Nick.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!  We love you.


Got a friend that you know would love FUELhouse as much as you do, or have family members who always ask questions about those crazy workouts that are getting you stronger and making you love life?  Your friends and family are invited to our HOUSE for FREE in all regular Friday classes!

Bring your Mom, your bro, or your BFF - or just bring that work friend that keeps asking why your hands have callouses now - we can't wait to welcome them into the FUELhouse family. 

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Project STRONG is for women of any age who are ready to increase strength, improve movement capacity, build a more resilient body and mind, and most importantly, become more confident with the barbell. Whether you have specific strength goals or are just ready for a new approach to fitness that rewards not just dedication and consistency but the bravery of pursuing something tough in the face of intimidation, Project STRONG is the program for you. 

Are you looking to get stronger, build lean muscle, increase bone density, and just feel like even more of a badass living life? We’ve got you covered! Project STRONG is designed to be accessible to anyone who is brand new to strength training OR somewhat familiar with the barbell but new to strength focused programming. 

We'll spend our first week learning (or relearning) how to squat, deadlift, and press properly (including modifications that are appropriate for your body) and the remainder of the series getting #strongertogether. This means attendance during the first week is especially important so make sure your calendar is open, or contact Coach Meg to schedule a makeup session. 

When we're done, you'll know how to navigate the weight room in any gym and approach your lifting session without fear as well all the extras around properly fueling your newfound STRONG endeavors (things like warming up properly, eating to grow/maintain your ass kicking muscles, how to incorporate cardio), and anything else that might help you on your journey to lifting glory. 

During Project Strong you will...

  • Learn and hone your technique in the barbell "big lifts" - the squat, press, and deadlift - as well as accessory work that will correct imbalances and make your less strong areas STRONGER. Whether you're brand new to the barbell or it's not your first rodeo, this will be an opportunity to allow your coach to see you move, modify your movements according to your body’s needs, and ensure that you're completely confident and are able to make continued progress.
  • Add weight to your lifts in appropriate increments each week so you see continued progress.
  • Learn how to incorporate moderate intensity cardio, accessory movements, mobility/movement prep work, and common correctives to ensure you stay healthy and injury free. In the beginning of the series, the group will use similar movements, but as you develop as a lifter, you may receive individualized assignments to make sure your program is tailored to your needs. 


  • 10/25 7:30pm Meet & Greet with your team and Q&A with Coach Meg (sign up here)
  • 2 hourlong weekly small group training sessions with Coach Meg (we meet Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm) VALUE: $555
  • Access to Saturday Barbell Classes at FUELhouse VALUE: $200
  • Access to FUELhouse's Open Gym times to come in (if needed) to make up missed sessions or complete any additional mobility/cardio homework. VALUE: $400
  • Option to purchase individual class passes to attend other classes at FUELhouse
  • Stronger muscles, bones, minds, and bodies! VALUE: PRICELESS
  • An awesome training crew of likeminded women! VALUE: PRICELESS


  • Series runs Monday, 10/30 - Wednesday 12/20 (no team training on 11/22)
  • Team training sessions Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm
  • Saturday Barbell access at 9am or 11am for the duration of Project STRONG
  • Limited to 6 kickass ladies to ensure personal attention and cameraderie with your crew
  • Investment: $497 for 2 months or 2 payments of $267
KELSEY SAYS: “As a woman, barbell work is supposed to be intimidating, right? Meghan inspires me with her strength and passion for barbells. She takes this daunting strength tool and makes it fun and exciting. I started with very little barbell experience and her wonderful understanding of technique has helped me become more confident with each move. I hope to continue working with her in both nutrition and barbells to get stronger than ever.”
Posted on October 4, 2017 .


Regardless if you plan to coach, mentor, or just train for your own personal development you will not be disappointed in your choice of signing up to get certified or just get credit for attending a kettlebell certification. Whether you are a fitness professional or kettlebell enthusiast, any Kettlebell instructor certification goes well beyond three life changing days.




  • Begins: October 30th, 2017
  • Informational meeting on Mon. Oc 23rd @ 5:30p for all interested parties (SIGN UP HERE)
  • Meet every Monday @ 5:30p
  • Access to FUELhouse Open Gym
  • Recommended: In addition to your Monday class, we recommend attending T/TH Kettlebell Classes 2x/week for a discounted rate of $147/month (min 2mos)
  • 8-week Phases (2 mo minimum)
  • Space is limited to 8 people

Build dramatic strength, explosive power and cardiovascular endurance.  Become an expert KB Instructor or just look and move like one.  Kettlebell training develops a wide range of attributes: slow and dynamic strength, various types of endurance, muscle hypertrophy, fat loss, health, etc.  Whether pursued as an individual challenge or to establish a professional qualification, we will train to pass the same extensive testing requirements of a KB Instructor. You want to be stronger, and you want to get there safely. Strength with safety is our specialty—and no one in the world does this better than our Certified KB Coaches.

We are preparing for the STRONGFIRST KB Certification that will take place SPRING 2018.  Plan to train for a minimum of 6 months, ideally 8 mos. if you want to certify and pass.  Plan to take the first 8-week session to get a taste of this training style.  Commit to all 8-week sessions and become a Hardstyle Human!

We get a lot of questions about how to prepare for Kettlebell certifications.  With that said, we wanted to share our own experience in preparing for the rigors of the ultimate kettlebell certification weekend by offering small group training for those who are interested in taking their kettlebell experience to the next level.

Regardless if you plan to coach, mentor, or just train for your own personal development you will not be disappointed in your choice of signing up to get certified or just get credit for attending a kettlebell certification. Whether you are a fitness professional or kettlebell enthusiast, any Kettlebell instructor certification goes well beyond three life changing days.

A Kettlebell certification weekend is like nothing else you'll ever experience. It’s a journey of strength and self discovery. There really isn’t a physically demanding certification (that we're aware of) that even comes close to this experience. And, what you learn about strength and human movement is unmatched, especially when you are learning under the best in the world.

You need to maximally prepare for 2-3 INCREDIBLE days of learning and physical stamina to become a certified coach (or just move like one).

Now that you have some background, we want to provide the plan below.


Join our small group to get in the best shape of your life using kettlebells!

During our Team Training Phases we will...

  • Meet as a group in our Prep week (Oct. 30th, 2017) to determine where you are right now. If you need to be using the 24kg KB for your Snatch test but have never lifted any KB heavier than a 16kg, you need to begin at the 16kg KB and progress as appropriate.  We will adjust reps and rest periods as appropriate for you and your body. Depending on your age, ladies will likely need to be confident with the 16kg -24kg KB and gentlemen will likely need to be confident with the 24kg-32kg KB
  • Follow a detailed step by step training plan to help you pass your Hardstyle KB Certification. Six months is a minimum and eight months prep is wise for this undertaking and is all based on your body and KB experience. Everyone needs a coach and with our plan you will receive personal coaching on basic form, technique, skill practice, common correctives, progressions, and everything that has to do with understanding the where, what, why and how behind this AMAZING tool.
  • Offer specific accessory work, movement prep, and corrective exercises to keep YOU mobile and injury free. We will identify weak links that need to be addressed etc… and might include foam roller, mobility exercises, stretching, dynamic warm-up etc. It will be specific to you and your needs.
  • You will have access to FUELhouse's open gym times to come in on off days to practice your technique and training.
  • Option to purchase individual class passes to attend FUELhouse KB classes on T/TH for a discounted rate of $147/month (2 mo min)


$376 for 2 months or 2 installments of $220+tax/month

Includes meeting 1x/week in your Hardstyle Training Tribe, an individualized training plan for you to utilize in your home or during access to Open Gym at FUELhouse, and opportunity to access our T/TH KB classes for a discounted rate.

Training Phase 2017 Schedule:

  • Beginning Phase: Oct-Dec
  • Middle Phase: Dec-Feb
  • Badassery Mastery Phase: Feb-April 

If there is a need to offer more times we can accommodate based on demand and number of participants interested. We offer Kettlebell Classes at FUELhouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays and encourage you to take 1-2 of these classes in conjunction with your small group training sessions to work on your skills and get more eyes on YOU!  We can offer a discounted package of classes for you to purchase if you are interested in attending a class(es).

Remember that this is about practicing the drills and perfecting form while increasing the conditioning needed to have a successful Cert weekend. We will be smart and prepare you to arrive at your weekend ready to learn and succeed, not suffer and fail!

We look forward to working with you and coaching you on your way to your success in achieving your KB certification.

If you are interested in joining our HARDSTYLE HUMAN Training Tribe, please EMAIL US HERE ( 

We are starting on Oct 30th with our introductory/baseline workouts/game plan/and prep phase workouts and hitting the ground running the following week. SPACE IS LIMITED TO ONLY 6 PEOPLE!

  • Begins: Monday, October 30th @ 5:30p
  • Information Meeting On Monday October 23rd @ 5:30p for all interested parties (Sign up Here)
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Let's Rock!

Rocking is movement that renews all the major joints of the body. 

1. Rocking connects the shoulders to the hips. It teaches them to cooperate. When the shoulders move into flexion, the hips do too. When the shoulders move into extension, so do the hips. This is foundational for the gait pattern as opposite limbs not only move together when we walk or run, they mirror each other; at least they should. Rocking connects and coordinates our opposing limbs.

2. Rocking restores our posture. To move well and remove any limitations from our body, we need to have optimal, reflexive posture. When we rock, we reestablish or reaffirm the cervical curve and the lumbar curve in our spine. Having said that, if you rock, please hold your head up! Unless of course you are looking for lost contacts or money on the floor. Otherwise, your head should be up and level with the horizon.  

3. Rocking integrates all our joints together; it makes the body “whole” and doesn’t isolate it into parts and pieces. It helps mobilize the toes, feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck and wrists. Want to restore immobile ankles? Rock. Want to recover from hip or knee surgery? Rock. Want to heal angry shoulders? Rock. Rocking teaches the brain how to hold, or stabilize, the joints, while the body moves.

4. Rocking activates the vestibular system in a linear, forward and back, motion. This activation helps feed the brain information about where the body is and what all the parts of the body are doing. This forward and back motion also soothes the brain; the mind and emotions. It can calm you down. It can allow you to enter into a more restful state. 

5. Rocking helps keep the back happy.  Rocking can help soothe back pain and even chase it away until it becomes a rare occurrence. For back discomfort, rocking is the number one “go to.” Who wouldn’t want to be able to rock throughout their life if it would help with back pain?


Join us at the Original Strength Pressing RESET Workshop in Seattle, WA at FUELhouse Gym, Saturday, November 4th, 2017.  We will teach you how to restore and rebuild your Original Strength by relearning the foundation of your strength. The OS Pressing RESET Workshop is intended for any breathing human being. In this workshop you will learn how the human body (your body) is capable of remembering the way it was created to move.  No matter your age, health, physical condition.

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SNOWSTRONG at FUELHOUSE- Begins Sept 25th!

What's your dryland routine? If your answer primarily involves "pint-lifting" at your favorite aprés ski spot, you have your work cut out for you. However, it's never too early (or late... for you pint-lifters out there) to begin training for snow season. Getting and staying fit for your winter sport is a year-round activity if you want to avoid injury, improve your performance, increase endurance, and get the most out of your season pass.

With ski/snowboard season just around the corner, we want your body ready for those long days on the slopes! If you haven’t been working out during the off-season…you might be in some trouble! Cross-training your body for your winter sport will give you more strength on the mountain and can help prevent injuries.If you haven’t been cross-training, don’t worry, it is not too late, we have the solution for you and your buds.

WHEN: Mondays starting Sept 25th
WHAT: Access to all Monday classes at FUELhouse (View Schedule)
WHO: We are looking for 12 serious individuals who are ready to get #snowstrong. All levels welcome
DURATION: 10-Weeks

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: FREE WORKOUT this Friday, September 22nd during any class time (visit schedule here) Please email if you would like to attend this Friday.

ONE MORE THING: If you fall in love with us (which we hope you do) we'd love to offer you a special membership offer for your 1st official month at the HOUSE!


  • We will connect you with our amazing buddies over at evo if you are in need of getting your equipment snow ready or need to buy anything for this winter season! They are our go-to for everything outdoor sports!
  • We're working with the amazing Anne Healzer, MTI Physical Therapist and L3 PSIA Alpine Instructor, to schedule an In-session Injury Prevention Tech-Talk covering the importance of dryland training to be #snowstrong all winter (date TBD)
  • And finally, we will have Dr. Greg Johnson, Kinetic Sports Rehab provide movement Screens/ART Therapy (dates TBD) 

A little more info about what Mondays entail...

Our mission and focus is to make sure you don’t get left behind on the slopes. Our solid winter sports conditioning program, designed by elite training staff at FUELhouse gym and in partnership with sports chiropractors from Kinetic Sports Rehab, physical therapists from MTI Physical Therapy and local NW ski instructors, develops aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscular endurance and strength, fast-twitch speed and agility, balance and coordination. Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding are all intense terrain sports that require a high level of fitness for skill improvement and injury prevention. 

It doesn’t matter what level you are, to avoid injuries and prepare for the demands of the terrain, every winter athlete should prepare with 8-10 weeks of dryland training. As the name implies, dryland training, incorporates strength training and mimics the movements you'll be doing on the snow, ice, and everything in between.

Our classes will feature a mix of strength, balance, plyometric, and cardiovascular exercise aimed at strengthening specifically for skiing, snowboarding, cross country, skate, and snowshoeing using a variety of equipment from your bodyweight, barbells and kettlebells. A typical class will progress from a 10-15 minute core warm up, to 30-45 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise featuring varying exercises every week, and conclude with a 5 minute full body reset before you leave.

Our second mission beyond fitness is to provide a platform for snowsports enthusiasts to mix, mingle and congregate in preparation for when the snow begins to fly. FUELhouse gym not only is an elite training gym but a community gathering space for those who love all things PNW. 

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