We are so blessed to have such a fantastic community of members old and new! The first few months of 2017 have been a whirlwind at FUELhouse. We've taken on quite a few new members, all of whom we're excited to work with on their health and fitness journey going forward. 

Because of this recent influx, we're taking a (VERY BRIEF) hiatus in accepting new memberships at FUELhouse so we can take a few weeks to make sure our staff schedule is good to go, new members feel welcomed, and our OGs keep kicking ass. 

If you have a consult scheduled this week, you are totally fine and we are excited to see you and get you started! Otherwise, if you want to be notified when we re-open memberships, please email us at info@fuelhousegym.com so we've got you on our list. 

To our members who have played such a role in spreading the word about our HOUSE and who have welcomed our new people with open arms - THANK YOU. We love you all so much. And we are stoked to keep growing with you this year and onward.

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Hiring Now: Be a part of an awesome fitness community!  

FUELhouse Gym - Seattle, WA

  • Job Description: Trainer/Coach & Community Ambassador
  • Title: Trainer/Coach
  • Job Type: Part-time and Substitution openings
  • Location: 1320 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
  • Start Date: Immediately
  • Application Deadline: Ongoing            

FUELhouse Gym is looking for a part-time team member to coach multiple classes each week, develop member relations, and assist in management of gym operations. The team member’s duties and responsibilities will grow and evolve with the needs of the business - making him/her integral to the success of the community.

At FH our mission is to train, educate, and motivate our members to improve their health, fitness, and quality of life. Our community is built on the values of trust, integrity, passion, intelligence, excellence, dependability, and commitment. We are dedicated to building a community of fitness through exercise, proper nutrition, and functional movement.                        

This job description has been created in order to help applicants understand the nature of the position and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

Right now we are looking for:

  1. Part-time Coach to lead 6-8 coaching hours/week for am and pm shifts
  2. SUBS!!! A strong Sub list is so important.  Strong Subs are highly respected at the HOUSE. You are like first responders in last minute situations.

If you are interested in joining an amazing family of staff and community of members, KEEP READING!

FUELhouse Gym has grown since launching in 2015.  FUELhouse only attains these achievements and grows because of an amazing coaching team and membership. Unlike most contractor “jobs,” we work to help you make this a life-long­ career.  We promote our contractors as we help them develop their niche in this industry.  We bring you onto our team, we support you, we want you to be successful in our fitness collective.  You become a part of our family- you have to or else it just won’t work.

The Core Values of our community are:

  1. Community – We are dedicated to creating a supportive and safe environment where people are challenged by friends, not strangers.
  2. Empowerment – We strive to ignite a sense of strength, determination and success that contributes to a higher quality of life for others and ourselves.
  3. Respect – We want to inspire those around us by having an unbiased respect for the rights, values, beliefs and property of everyone. Simply put, we earn respect by respecting all others.
  4. Transparency – We promise to be real, honest and always up-front.  What you see is what you get.
  5. Fun – We will never take ourselves too seriously. We train because we love to train, and we love the people who train with us. Yes, we will always make our time together effective, results-driven, and emotionally and physically rewarding—but we will also keep it fun!

We are committed to our vision of creating the Best Fitness Community!


Job Title: Coach & Community Ambassador

Description: The primary duties of this position includes coaching, programming, participating in gym events, management of the membership roster, and staff leadership.

Compensation and Benefits: Compensation will come in many forms. A competitive hourly class salary will be implemented with previous experience and knowledge taken into consideration. Applicant will have added increased potential for additional revenue from personal training split, specialty areas, and profit sharing opportunities, depending on the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic of the applicant. All part-time/full-time positions receive:

  • Free Gym Membership for significant other
  • 20% off Retail and Supplements
  • Stipends, often 100% off for professional certifications hosted at FH and with partners
  • Large potential for growth within the company with the opportunity to personal train individuals, small groups, and lead workshops and much more


  • Pushes FUELhouse ever forward toward its mission/core values, goals, and performance benchmarks            
  • Undyingly pursues excellence with the health and happiness of the members in mind
  • Meets with managers to plan and discuss updates on community, growth, and personal/professional development                
  • Attends paid scheduled monthly staff meeting to discuss week’s events, any significant changes, feedback, class structure, and membership changes
  • Fulfill coaching expectations and opening/closing gym responsibilities
  • Answers walk-in questions and inform prospective members
  • Respond to all phone and email inquiries in the set response time        
  • Encourage participation in community events
  • Assist in organization and execution of community events
  • Communicate class feedback and findings to owners for further business improvement
  • Stimulate social media interaction that aligns with our team values and vision

YOU in a nutshell:

  • You are GREAT with people.  As any seasoned coach or trainer knows, a huge part of this business requires the social fluency to deal with a vast spectrum of people on a daily basis.
  • You know how to CHECK yourself. You have the maturity to be professional and work well with a variety of personalities. You realize that we are in the service industry, and the success and reputation of YOU and OUR gym depends on having a staff that honestly cares about the people they're working with.  In other words, individuals who are condescending, impatient, and create drama in our gym will be avoided at all costs (this includes members).  
  • You’re a team player.  You’re open to helping and learning along side your peers.  You don’t place your own interests and biases above the greater common goal of helping run a great fitness HOUSE. As a team player you realize that by serving our community of members that you are enabling the business owner, Molly, more time to spend working on tasks that help grow and develop YOU and our business such as marketing, sales and systemizing standard operating procedures.  You’re basically awesome and want to be here.

Position Details:

  • We are looking to fill 6-8 weekly class coaching hours (these hours will most likely increase overtime) that target:
    • Bodyweight: Full-body strength training, jumping and agility drills, and balance movements

    • Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning

    • Barbell Strength & Conditioning

  • In a perfect world your background is in two of the target focuses mentioned above
  • You are available to coach early morning shifts and/or evening and be available for subbing other classes
  • Personal and semi-private training is allowed and strongly encouraged. As a contractor we provide two options on how you are compensated.  We promote you, your services on our website and via all social channels.  We want you to be successful.
  • We understand, as an independant contractor, that you may be working elsewhere to make a living.  We get that and we support that.  Of course, overtime, if the love is mutual you’ll be with us on a more full-time basis.

Recognized/Preferred Qualifications & Requirements:    

  • Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor Certification
  • Barbell Certification
  • NSCA, NASM, or certifications and trainings that benefit this position
  • CrossFit L-1                      
  • Current CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications (or able to obtain within two months of hire)    
  • Knowledge of strength and conditioning, weightlifting, bodyweight movements, mobility, and nutrition
  • Effective presentation and listening skills
  • Ability to communicate and adapt to member's needs
  • Superior ability to establish relationships and confidence with members
  • Able to lift 45 pounds over head              

Preferred Experience, Education, and Certifications:                         

  • Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s preferred but not required
  • 1+ year(s) of coaching experience
  • One year of personal training and program design experience
  • Displays mastery in human movement, points of performance, and execution
  • Deeply understands the concepts of Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Additional Fitness/Nutrition Certifications a plus
  • Sales/Customer Service experience is a Plus
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, including making and utilizing spreadsheets and reports, is desired along with a high level of writing and communication skills


A 30-day paid “Evaluation” period will take place prior to being offered a position. This is implemented for two reasons; To give FUELhouse a feel for how the new coach will perform in a variety of daily duties and tasks. More importantly, this period provides the new coach a chance to experience how the FH community is structured. This will be accomplished through both assisting and leading classes, gaining familiarity with the member management software, developing customer service skills, learning sales techniques, and more.    

Application Instructions: Email cover letter and resume to molly@fuelhousegym.com

Cover letter should address the following:

  • Why you are seeking a coaching position at FUELhouse
  • Your coaching experience
  • Why would students want you as a Coach
  • Your philosophy on fitness and athlete development
  • Your background including, but not limited to: personal, education, profession, sports, and fitness
  • Do you like dogs?
  • What are your top 3 favorite workout songs right now?
  • If you like to read what are your top 3 books your have or are currently reading?
  • Anything else we should know?


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March Member Of The Month: Arjun Subramanian

Congratulations to Arjun Subramanian, our March Member Of The Month! Arjun started at FUELhouse in October 2016 and since February has been training around his latest goal: to compete in his first Tactical Strength Challenge this April with our Tribe. Arjun continues to progress in all areas of his fitness and we look forward to celebrating his hard work and achievements this quarter!  Yes, he is always smiling.  Thank you Arjun for bringing so much light and happiness to our Tribe.

A little more about this guy...

Where can you be found outside of the gym? What do you do for a living?

Outside of the gym I'm quite the introvert. I spend a lot of my time reading and learning about something that is important to my life. I try to keep my priorities at any time to less than 4 things because I tend to enjoy my experience through life more that way. Over time I've found the 4 areas of investment to be quite stable - I try to grow in my job, build strong relationships, take care of my body and improve the quality of my mind. I typically read non-fiction and spend a lot of time picking books that teach me something about an area of life that I want to get more out of. My goal is to read 50 books this year which is really really hard if you are trying to hold a job, take care of yourself and deepen your relationships (I did about 24 last year and that was HARD!). For the last few months, I've spent most of my reading time on neuroscience and the process of learning in the brain. I'm learning how the the brain builds knowledge, how memory works (and how deeply flawed it is) and how to create an effective structure of practice around almost anything you can think of. Over the last year I've invested more time in mindfulness meditation and I'm trying to build a daily practice around that. I find that it has helped me be more effective at almost everything I do by improving my attention to what is happening.

For my living - I'm a senior technical program manager for Amazon leading large software projects. I've worked there now for over 9 years.


How'd you find out about FUELhouse?

I found out about FUELhouse by looking through the MindBody App. I was looking to add a lot more technique and structure to my training. I also wanted to get really strong and was struggling to find a place where instruction was focused with a long term orientation on technique and strength as opposed to a quick win or excessive focus on training for appearance. I got really really curious about the ethos behind StrongFirst and the emphasis on technique. Now I'm really excited to learn and work towards my certification.


What makes you commit to training even on days you don't feel like it

I'm committed first to myself above everything else. I remind myself that that I am training for my well being and long term health. I also emphasize the importance of consistent practice over intensity. I think it was Bruce Lee that said that long term consistency trumps short term intensity. I remind myself that how I feel in the moment is a short term fleeting sensation and that I am committed to my practices over the period of my life. If I get my mind right, I'll be strength training at the gym at 80. The feeling in the moment always passes. The results of our good habits over time remain forever.


What's your favorite movement/workout?

I personally love the sumo squat. It really helps me get strong and pushes my joints to open up. But to be perfectly honest, my mind right now is on getting better at the Kettlebell swing. I'm determined to master the movement and I'm very much in the beginning stages of understanding what it feels like in my body to swing. 


What's one thing you'd like to accomplish at FUELhouse in the next year or have you already accomplished this goal and if so what is it? How about in your personal life?

Getting StrongFirst certified feels like a far away dream right now but I really want to work up to it. I would say that getting certified is my goal. It's really about being able to master the movements for me and program the right technique deep into my muscles. In my personal life - I want to deepen my mind's capacity to be attentive. I've built into my life a series of interlocking habits and practices that I hope over the years show the right results. I'll prune and tune them along the way but if I can direct my mind at things more deeply and hold attention better I think I would be pretty proud of myself.


Tell us a little known fact about yourself.

I'm kinda a food geek in the kitchen and am trying to learn some mad skills in there. I've really started to enjoy cooking and one of my secret, guilty pleasures is cooking reality shows on YouTube. Gordon Ramsey is the bomb!


 What's the most delicious meal you've eaten recently?

This is easily the seared tuna I ate for dinner this week. It was epic.


What's your favorite thing about being a FUELhouse athlete?

I really like the attention to technique at the house with respect for personal boundaries. It's really great that the work out isn't just going crazy and lifting a bunch of stuff with sweat pouring all the time. I enjoy going into my experience with the weights and really feeling the lift.


We also need to know the name of your very first pet, and the name of the street you grew up on!  This will be your official stage name from here on out at the HOUSE (just kidding. not kidding)!

My first pet is also my current pet ! He is the most awesome fur ball ever - Duncan! he is a 10 year old aussie husky mix and you may have seen him around. I adopted him when he was six months old. I can't really remember the name of the street but if I get stage name I'd rather it be a Marvel superhero (My favorites are Iron Man and Luke Cage).

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PULL-UP CLINIC: Wednesday, Feb. 22nd 6-8pm

Whether you're just starting your pull-up journey or want to tighten up technique, this workshop will cover proven progressions to pull-up badassery. This is especially beneficial for those who are registered to participate in our Tactical Strength Challenge on April 8th!

For many, sticking their first pull-up seems an insurmountable task. The problem is rarely the athlete, and almost always the process.In this clinic you can expect to get a grasp of this process. Regardless of sex or age, a pull-up is well within the realm of possibility, and a cornerstone of strength-building.

- Which grip works best for your particular body, and why
- How to "bullitproof" your shoulders
- Proven progressions for pull-up success, a 4-step non-process
- Shoulder anatomy for athletes

MEMBERS: $20 (Please inquire at info@fuelhousegym.com for your discount code)

My mantra — Move intelligently, practically & playfully. For life.

INTELLIGENTLY — Movement is both art and science. You MUST move in ways that work for your unique body, paying close attention to your patterns, respecting progressions and building strength.

PRACTICALLY — Are you a corporate rockstar? Are you your kids' monkey bar hero? Are you a badass triathlete? How can your training help you do that better for longer?

PLAYFULLY — As adults, we've forgotten how to play. The best comment I've ever heard in class was from a women who beamed "I've never done a cartwheel like that before!" It's about re-discovering the joy and curiosity that we left on the playground.

Posted on February 12, 2017 .

::: Registration is now open to join our Training Tribes :::

....And we've sweetened the pot on what's included in your TRIBE membership (see below)

We encourage you to act now to claim your spot in either:

Project Strong with Coach Meghan
Hardstyle Human with Coach Sokol

Get in the best shape of your life, set new personal records in strength and take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL with the newest additions to our HOUSE services.

Programming is based on your needs but is intended to accelerate your progress for very particular time-bound goals that you would like to reach as soon as possible. Whether you are participating for weight loss, general fitness, or sport-specific training, each Coach will keep you and your small group focused and entertained to help you get results faster. 

Eight Week training Tribes are 2 payments of $376 + tax.

What's Included?
- Eight Week Custom Programming
- Personalized coaching two times per week for eight weeks
- Access to Open Gym hours at FUELhouse
- **NEW** Access to 9 FUELhouse classes per month
- Off-day training plan, support and measured progress

Please note your registration is not complete until you have gone to this link to apply: http://www.fuelhousegym.com/specialty/ and have your spot confirmed by a member of the FUELhouse team.

For more information, email us at info@fuelhousegym.com with your questions and contact information. Or contact Coaches direct at sokolstrong@gmail.com or meg@ironandspice.com

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Events, Clinics and Training Tribes at the HOUSE

There are just too many awesome things to announce
so we had to put them in one place!

We hope that we see more friends of the HOUSE join us for the following Special Events and Training Tribes! 


***Training Tribes are for members and non-members of the HOUSE.  This is an awesome way to accelerate your fitness based on your goals.  Members have the option to put their membership on hold during their Training Tribe session and will have access to 9 FUELhouse classes/mo.  All Training Tribe members have access to open gym.  Additional open gym times to be announced next week!  Space is limited to 12 deserving humans. Don't miss out!


"I'm not in the business of creating six packs and feeding egos. Six packs are the by-product!  My purpose on this planet is to build a stronger, happier, and healthier human race."- Jeff Sokol

Having something to reach for is necessary for success and progress.  

Do you have a performance-related goal?  Have you thought often about training for a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification course, your first pull-up, or competing in a fitness competition?

If so, what actions are you taking every day to get closer to achieving your goal? And have you examined why are you even striving for that goal in the first place?

Are you looking to “win,” get recognition, or “be the best”? Or are you looking for growth, learning, and mastery? In our world, it’s easy to focus on performance aspect (sets, reps, loads, percentages, etc.) and forget about the process and what can be learned along the way. -Chris Abbott, SFGI

If you are looking for a program to follow—something to give purpose to your training, then we've believe you have come to the right place.  Whether you are a student of a trainer or a trainer wanting to build on your practice, we have developed our newest program, HARDSTYLE HUMAN, just for you.  

In the process of training, like so many of our students, we found our purpose.  We designed this program to help you find yours. Read the testimonials and learn more about Coach Sokol's students of strength HERE

Posted on February 2, 2017 .


Project STRONG is for women of any age who are ready to increase strength, improve movement capacity, build a more resilient body and mind, and most importantly, become more confident with the barbell. Whether you have specific strength goals or are just ready for a new approach to fitness that rewards not just dedication and consistency but the bravery of pursuing something tough in the face of intimidation, Project STRONG is the program for you. 

We're looking for 4-6 women who are relatively new to the barbell and are looking to get stronger, build lean muscle, increase bone density, and just feel like even more of a badass living life! We'll spend our first week learning (or relearning) how to squat, deadlift, and press properly (including modifications that are appropriate for your body) and the remainder of the series getting #strongertogether. 

When we're done, you'll know how to navigate the weight room, how to warm up properly, how to eat to fuel your newfound STRONG endeavors, and anything else that might help you on your journey to barbell glory. 

During Project Strong you will...

  • Spend your first two weeks learning, reviewing, and honing technique in the barbell "big lifts" - the squat, press, and deadlift. Whether you're brand new to the barbell or it's not your first rodeo, this will be an opportunity to allow your coach to see you move, anticipate any needs for modifications, and ensure that you're completely confident and are able to make continued progress.
  • The remaining 6 weeks will be spent adding weight to the barbell!
  • Learn how to incorporate moderate intensity cardio, accessory movements, mobility/movement prep work, and common correctives to ensure you stay healthy and injury free. In the beginning of the series, the group will use similar movements, but as you develop as a lifter, you may receive individualized assignments to make sure your program is tailored to your needs. 
  • Have access to FUELhouse's Open Gym times to come in (if needed) to make up missed sessions or complete any additional mobility/cardio homework.
  • Option to purchase individual class passes to attend other classes at FUELhouse.

When does Project STRONG begin?

  • Begins: February 22nd, 2017
  • Morning Tribe: W & F @ 10am
  • 8-Week Phases
  • Limited to 6 awesome peeps

How much is it?

  • For only $47/hour x 2 hours a week ($376/month) you will have the benefit of personal training in a very small intimate setting at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 private session (avg $110/hr).  FUELhouse members will be allowed to place their membership on hold during their semi-private training series.

  • Your investment includes:

    • custom programming
    • personalized coaching two times a week for an hour at a time
    • NEW THING: Access to 9 classes/month at FUELhouse for the duration of the series (think yoga, kettlebell, conditioning, etc)
    • access to Open Gym hours at FUELhouse
    • off-day support and measured progress  

These programs are billed monthly for a min. of 2 months via autopay. Please note that no refunds will be given once the series has begun. 

What will a typical day look like? 

Plan to show up a few minutes before the session begins to get warm on a bike, rower, or foam roller. We'll complete a comprehensive full body warmup as a group that will take about 10 minutes. Then, we'll get on the bar, with the main focus of our hour being squats, deadlifts, and presses. We'll start light to give you plenty of time to hone technique, then we'll aim to add just a little bit of weight each week. By the end of week 8, you'll be noticeably stronger and more powerful. 

Why do we love the barbell? 

Because chalking up your hands and picking up something heavy is awesome. Because it's an awesome shift in mindset to focus on what your body is capable of DOING if you're tired of always worrying about how it looks. BUT WAIT - it's also a great way to build lean muscle and strong bones. If you're a HIIT or cardio junkie and have plateaued in your results, focusing on gaining strength can be the change you need to see progress again. If you're pressed for time during the week or don't have much energy to spare for recovery from intense exercise, just about every medical professional out there will agree that your time should be spent first on dedicated strength training. 

As Meg's barbell coach told her years ago: "Strength is more than just the number of plates on the bar - it's everything that's overcome with each lift." It's tough to articulate how knowing your way around a barbell builds a feeling of resilience and awesomeness in everyday life - you'll just have to see for yourself! 


Posted on February 1, 2017 .