Tribe, if you don’t know Adam Shapiro, you should introduce yourself immediately. By day, he’s an Amazonian who markets Alexa devices. He joined FUELhouse in August by doing 1-on-1 personal training with Coach Tiff, and later immersed himself into classes and changing up his diet. Within five weeks, he lost 10 lbs and 4% body fat, and has continued meeting goal after goal for his physical health. Most of all, he noticed a huge improvement in his mental health, lowering stress, and increasing balance. We love Adam because he gives 100% each time we see him, is always looking to improve form, and gives himself grace when he needs to take time and refocus.

Make sure to give Adam a high five the next time you see him!

I can’t tell you guys how awesome FUELhouse has been for me these past few months. When I joined back in August of last year, I was in the worst shape of my life. Without even realizing it, I had gained almost 20lbs, my cholesterol (the bad kind) was in the “very high/dangerous” range, and I was severely depressed (is this sounding like an infomercial yet??). Anyways, I decided to jump start my reentry into an active life by spending a month doing 1-on-1 training with Tiff. It was rough to say the least. Everything hurt all the time. But wow…within 4-5 weeks I had already dropped 10lbs and 4% body fat (thanks, Tiff!!). Once I switched over to the classes, the gains just continued. I’ve lost all the weight I had gained in 2017 and my cholesterol is back in the “normal” range – all without even making any substantial changes to my diet (pizza will forever have a death grip on me). On top of that, there has been an immense and noticeable impact on both my physical and mental health. I could go on and on. The classes are awesome and varied. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, and their focus on form and injury prevention is immensely appreciated (especially for the 30+ crowd like myself). Simply put, you guys rock. - Adam


1. Where can you be found outside of the gym? What do you do for a living?

When I'm not at the gym I can be found hawking artificial intelligence (I do marketing for Amazon Alexa devices), cuddling on my couch with my rescue Chihuahua, Nugget, or traveling to remote parts of the world to swim with sharks. 

2. How'd you find out about FUELhouse?

I was complaining to my work-wife, Heather, about how unhealthy I’d become. She said, “Hey, there’s a gym right by you that I love. Molly’s the best!” And the rest was history… 

3. What makes you commit to training even on days you don’t feel like it? 

My desire to look good naked? Haha, can I say that? I’m shallow, so it’s partly true. But also, the boost it has on my mental health is immeasurable. It keeps me sane, happy and productive. The naked thing is just a bonus!

4. What's your favorite movement/workout? 

Pull-ups! They’re the worst/best. When I started at the house back in August, I could barely do one unassisted pull-up. Now I can do 8 (on a good day)!

5. What's one thing you'd like to accomplish at FUELhouse in the next year or have you already accomplished this goal and if so what is it? How about in your personal life? 

At the gym? If I could do 10 consecutive, unassisted pull-ups in a row I think I could die happy. In my personal life? Build a framework for starting my own business. 

6. Tell us a little known fact about yourself. 

Oh gosh there are so many good ones, but my top bucket list item is to swim with great white sharks…outside of a cage! And yes, I realize this probably makes me certifiably insane. 

7. What's the most delicious meal you've eaten recently? 

Tandoori cod w/ tomato chutney and a spiced crust. Seriously…so good! From Joule, just up the block from you guys! I can usually be found at the bar there at least 2 times a week. Stop in and say hello!

8. What's your favorite thing about being a FUELhouse athlete?

I LOVE that it never feels competitive at FUELhouse. I’ve always avoided class-based gyms (::cough::cough::Crossfit::) because they seemed a little too competitive and a bit cult-like. But the vibe at FUELhouse just feels supportive. 

9. We also need to know the name of your very first pet, and the name of the street you grew up on!  This will be your official stage name from here on out at the HOUSE (just kidding. not kidding)!

You’re going to die…Buffy Eastwick.

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In her own words...we present Brooke Westlund Lee!


Wow I feel so proud and honored to have just finished this mural at Fuelhouse gym, a place that has become very important in my life the past few years! Molly (owner of fuelhouse) and I have been thinking for months of what to do with this wall and I think it worked out!! 

If you are interested in my "fitness journey" and how I found fuelhouse free to read below...

In the past I hated gyms and in college I actually was so turned off by friends and my boyfriend saying” come to the gym” or “why don't you go to the gym”. I was not interested at all and sort of became “anti-gym”. After that I found yoga which I love and that was my exercise I got really into for about 8 years and still love. 

2.5 years ago I joined Fuelhouse, I found it through fitmob/classpass because I wanted to “get a little more toned” before our wedding so I thought maybe I would start exercising more. It was fun to try all different exercise classes and I loved it. 

I ended up quitting class pass and joining Fuelhouse full time. I thought "wow I actually ENJOY going to the gym! " I loved the coaches and I felt like they really cared about each person in the class, and it felt more like personal training and thoughtful movement. I’ve enjoyed learning all different weights, kettlebells, bodyweight, and that there is always a warm up and a focus on mobility. At this point it wasn’t about getting toned or looking good, I was more interested in getting stronger and learning how to move well.

Sometimes with class pass at a certain bootcamp or whatever when you would pop in for the first time the coaches have no clue about you and just give a random workout which can end up getting you hurt if you don't know the movements or how to use certain weights/tools.

I always thought kettlebells were weird, but after learning about them and using them now I love them. It is such a technical tool to learn and that is part of the reason that I love it. I love how every class is different but we are always building on the same skills and learning and focusing on technique. 

I love that coming to a workout class has turned into my hour for myself, and it takes my mind off of anything I am thinking about or stressed about. Since you have to focus on every little thing that you are doing, you have to be mindful about the weights and your body and think about your breath. 

I am thankful for the community and coaches at Fuelhouse and for my new perspective on “working out” and that I have found something that I know will be incorporated throughout my whole life, to stay strong and mobile!

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Tactical Strength Challenge Prep - What to Expect




We’re rolling into another season of training for the Tactical Strength Challenge - which means our programming is changing to focus on some different specifics. Whether you choose to participate actively in TSC (hint hint, we think EVERYONE should) or if you’re just along for the ride, here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your FUELhouse time over the next 12 weeks.


What is the Tactical Strength Challenge?

The TSC is a one-day, worldwide event (April 14th) where people gather at various host gyms and try and set new personal bests in three different areas:

  1. Deadlift (Maximum Strength/ Absolute Lower Body Strength)

  2. Pull up or Flexed Arm Hang (Bodyweight Strength/ Absolute Upper Body Strength)

  3. 5 Minute Kettlebell Snatch Test (Strength and Endurance)


This April will be our 6th time hosting the Tactical Strength Challenge, and it’s become hands down our favorite day of the year. We LOVE watching our people work hard in preparation, cheer each other on, and achieve new personal bests all in one amazing morning. You can read more about the Tactical Strength Challenge here.


But I’ve NEVER done a deadlift, pull up, OR snatch! Is this the right challenge for me?

No worries! We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re brand new to FUELhouse or you’re a repeat TSC-er, we’ve got programming ready to meet you where you are and help you make strides to improve and enjoy your TSC experience safely while pushing yourself *just a bit* outside of your comfort zone. In our years of experience, we’ve found that nothing aids progress like focusing your training/workouts on a short term goal. And while the TSC is a worldwide “competition,” here at FUELhouse we prefer to think of it as a competition against ourselves, aiming to be just a bit better than we were yesterday.


OK, I’m in! How will we prepare?

Whether you sign up for TSC or not, the next 11 weeks will help improve your overall strength, bodyweight endurance (pull-up and push-up skills), and cardio capacity. If you're not sure how to structure your week to best fit your goals, just reach out to a coach and we'll help you out!


Here’s a bring summary of what to expect in classes.

The first 3 weeks of our cycle (beginning Monday, January 29th) will be spent feeling out this new format, getting to know movements, and prepping our bodies for the 8 week "prep" cycle that will culminate on TSC day (April 14th). The prep cycle is designed to work us up to a new personal best in our 1RM deadlift, pull-up, and KB if you’re not choosing to participate in TSC, you can work on volume and technique if you’d prefer, rather than peaking to a new PR. We're doing a few things differently this time around - for example, adding more specific pullup progressions and a second day of deadlifting -- and we always appreciate your feedback on how you're feeling and how your body's responding to the training stimulus.

  • MONDAYS - SnowStrong format continues in all classes, focusing on:
    • Deep hip, knee, ankle and core  strength and stability
    • Balance, agility, and plyometric strength using single side work and movements inspired by prehab/rehab to keep you in tip top shape
    • Picture agility ladders, landmine deadlifts/rotational presses,  upper and mid/back strength, sled pushes, etc!
    • Kettlebell Conditioning: Simple and Sinister programming focusing on single arm swings and Turkish Get-Ups, beginning to add progressions toward achieving your kettlebell snatches or improving technique/moving up in weight. Alternate weeks will incorporate lots of double bell work, pressing, and Original Strength inspired movement flows to help you shake off any creakiness/soreness!
    • Barbell Strong: Barbell Bench Presses and Strict Presses, with accessory work focusing on shoulder stability and additional opportunities to work pullups. Lower body accessory work will be programmed to ensure you're fresh for the following day.
  • WEDNESDAYS - DEADLIFT DAY! We'll spend our first three weeks (Phase 1) getting used to barbell deadlifting with purpose and, if it's appropriate, setting a training max that will then help guide our progression towards a new PR at the Tactical Strength Challenge! Accessory work will include lots of pulling/pull-up variations and core work, finishing with 12-15 minutes of metabolic conditioning. If you're not planning to participate in TSC, not to worry, you'll still be deadlifting but with a different, more generalized rep scheme.
  • THURSDAYS - Thursday classes will be a great way to get some active recovery from heavy deadlifts by moving your body rather than just crashing on the couch. 
    • Kettlebell Conditioning: Rotating weekly with Tuesdays, expect double bell work, pressing, and Original Strength inspired movement flows to help you shake off any creakiness and prep for Friday, alternating with Simple and Sinister programming focusing on single arm swings and Turkish Get-Ups, beginning to add progressions toward achieving your kettlebell snatches or improving technique/moving up in weight.
    • Unconventional Conditioning with Coach Tiff at 5:30pm would be a GREATTTT class to take on Thursdays too!  This class really loosens up the joints while you work across all planes of movement with maces, clubs, ropes and sandbags!
  • FRIDAYS - Focusing on progressive pull-up strength to help you improve, whether you're a pull-up master and just want more reps, still training to get your first pull-up, or are opting to focus on the flexed arm hang (psssst we'll be posting progressions for you to follow based on where you currently are, so keep an eye out!) accessory work will include squats (barbell, double kettlebell, or goblet) to compliment our deadlift day while building super strong cores and upper backs. We'll also finish Fridays with 12-15 minutes of metabolic conditioning and should have plenty of time for mobility work and a cool down.
    • Gym Class Heroes (8am and 10am) will still be fun partner/team based conditioning.
    • Barbell Strong (9am and 11am) will focus on deadlift technique (for those that need extra practice) and variations (for those that have reached sticking points and need to push through them to improve). You'll also have the opportunity to make up missed snatches and/or pull-up work from the week if needed.
    • Gym Class Heroes (8:30am) will be fun, partner/team based conditioning circuits

Throughout this cycle, aside from training in classes, we’ll be posting special kettlebell snatch workshops with Coach Jeff and Coach Molly to hone technique.  We also offer 30 min Tune Up sessions ($47) with any of our coaches to drill technique with homework!  If you’re working on deadlift technique we highly recommend booking a tune up session with Coach Meg or Coach Kiel OR coming to weekend Barbell Strong classes.


REGISTER RIGHT HERE and make sure to choose FUELHOUSE as your host facility! It costs $30 to compete, and the official event tee or tank will be included for FREE for all who register prior to February 28th.

We can’t wait to get strong with you over the next 3 months!


Team FH


Posted on January 31, 2018 .



Friday, 22nd: all regular am classes and only one evening class at 4:30pm

Saturday, 23rd: 8am and 10am Gym Class Heroes and 9am Barbells

Sunday, 24th: 8:30am Gym Class Heroes

Monday, 25th: GYM CLOSED for Christmas Day

Tuesday, 26th: 9:30am and 11:30am Kettlebell Conditioning and no evening classes

Sunday, 31st (New Years Eve): 8:30am Gym Class Heroes 


Monday, 1st: GYM IS CLOSED for New Years Day

Tuesday, 2nd: Back to regular Class Schedule*

*Note the 8:30am and 9:30am classes are all at 9am moving forward in 2018!

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It's time to start mapping out your 2018 fitness plan (don't be like everyone else and wait until Jan 1).  

Today is the day to commit to feeling stronger and sexier than you ever have in your life!

Classes for the next round of FUELhouse's signature eight-week Small Groups, Project Strong and GET FUELed, run Jan 8 - March 2.

REGISTRATION opens today and remains open until this shit is sold out!

You may even be looking for a total transformation, of your body, of your behaviors, and all the things affected by your fitness – dating, energy levels, confidence, and more.  If you really want the most out of your GET FUELed experience, it requires a serious commitment. This is no “quick fix.” The good news is we’ve got you covered with all the following:

Your investment includes:

  • 8 weeks of GET FUELED classes that meet M/T/Th at 8am or 10am (pick one time)
  • Unlimited email and online support from Coach Tiff
  • Before and After Pictures and measurements
  • GET FUELed Workbook for tracking results/nutrition and progress
  • GET FUELed t-shirt +swag!
  • Additional access to Saturday and Sunday classes and T/TH Boxing at 7am to help accelerate your results!
  • An online community! Get to know your fellow FUELers through a private Facebook Group

Investment: $497 for 2 months or 2 payments of $267

Learn and hone your technique in the barbell "big lifts" - the squat, press, and deadlift - as well as accessory work that will correct imbalances and make your less strong areas STRONGER. Whether you're brand new to the barbell or it's not your first rodeo, this will be an opportunity to allow your coach to see you move, modify your movements according to your body’s needs, and ensure that you're completely confident and are able to make continued progress.  You will add weight to your lifts in appropriate increments each week so you see continued progress and learn how to incorporate moderate intensity cardio, accessory movements, mobility/movement prep work, and common correctives to ensure you stay healthy and injury free. In the beginning of the series, the group will use similar movements, but as you develop as a lifter, you may receive individualized assignments to make sure your program is tailored to your needs. 

Your investment includes:

  • Q&A Intro Calls via Zoom/Google Chat prior to beginning of Project Strong (Dates/Times TBD)
  • 2 hourlong weekly small group training sessions with Coach Meg (Mon and Wed at 7:30-8:30pm)
  • Access to Saturday Barbell Classes (9/11am) at FUELhouse for the duration of the series
  • Access to FUELhouse's Open Gym times to come in (if needed) to make up missed sessions or complete any additional mobility/cardio homework
  • Option to purchase individual class passes to attend other classes at FUELhouse
  • Stronger muscles, bones, minds, and bodies! 
  • Includes access to Saturday Barbell group class at FUELhouse (9am or 11am)
  • Limited to 6 kickass ladies to ensure personal attention and cameraderie with your crew

Investment: $497 for 2 months or 2 payments of $267

NOTE: We need a minimum of 4 women to run the series so please sign up early!

Want to jump start your healthy transformation and whip your bod into shape before your Tribe begins on Jan 8th? Consider joining us for a FREE class on Fridays and learn more about our TRIAL MONTH!

Last mention... these programs make excellent stocking stuffers. Just sayin'!



Amazing Transformation in just 45 Days!

From Our Member of the Month: Nick Eberle

This is one of the most anxiety ridden posts that I’ve ever even contemplated posting. But god damnit I’m proud of what I have done in the past 45 days. It’s not easy, there are no corners to cut and it takes a lot of meal planning and actual physical hard work. For years I always resorted to the easy diet, diet pills, fad programs, crash diets. The weight would come off but wouldn’t stay gone. As soon as those hcg/lipodrene/oxy-elite, drops/pills ran out it was back to eating like crap and packing on more fat.
In July I woke up and made a decision to actually do something that would work. Thank God for @lizaf15 introducing me to @fuelhousegym and @ironandspice from the first workout I knew I was in the right space. They both knew I had no idea what I was doing and took the extra time to work with me until I knew the basics. I can’t thank Molly and Megs enough for all of their time and for listening to me bitch/hobble around after they had basically killed me. It’s crazy how working out and eating right will really get ya closer to where you want to be. Whoever could have known?
The pic on the left was taken Sept 1st 2017 the pic on the right was taken Oct 22nd 2017. Gym 4-5 days a week, sometimes twice a day and throw a round of whole30 in there and you’re down 28 pounds. Now here’s the obligatory “I still have a lot of work to do” part of the post, but I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be. Thanks for reading this entire post, if I hadn’t written it I wouldn’t have read the whole thing. -Nick E

Well, you should be proud.  We couldn't be more proud of Nick and his transformation.  He has worked so hard for this and is reaping the benefits physically and mentally.  We hope you get a chance to meet Nick in class. He's 'effing hilarious and when you get he and Liz in the same hour its like a comedy show.  We are so blessed that you took a chance on us Nick.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!  We love you.


Got a friend that you know would love FUELhouse as much as you do, or have family members who always ask questions about those crazy workouts that are getting you stronger and making you love life?  Your friends and family are invited to our HOUSE for FREE in all regular Friday classes!

Bring your Mom, your bro, or your BFF - or just bring that work friend that keeps asking why your hands have callouses now - we can't wait to welcome them into the FUELhouse family. 

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