SNOWSTRONG at FUELHOUSE- Begins Sept 25th!

What's your dryland routine? If your answer primarily involves "pint-lifting" at your favorite aprés ski spot, you have your work cut out for you. However, it's never too early (or late... for you pint-lifters out there) to begin training for snow season. Getting and staying fit for your winter sport is a year-round activity if you want to avoid injury, improve your performance, increase endurance, and get the most out of your season pass.

With ski/snowboard season just around the corner, we want your body ready for those long days on the slopes! If you haven’t been working out during the off-season…you might be in some trouble! Cross-training your body for your winter sport will give you more strength on the mountain and can help prevent injuries.If you haven’t been cross-training, don’t worry, it is not too late, we have the solution for you and your buds.

WHEN: Mondays starting Sept 25th
WHAT: Access to all Monday classes at FUELhouse (View Schedule)
WHO: We are looking for 12 serious individuals who are ready to get #snowstrong. All levels welcome
DURATION: 10-Weeks

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: FREE WORKOUT this Friday, September 22nd during any class time (visit schedule here) Please email if you would like to attend this Friday.

ONE MORE THING: If you fall in love with us (which we hope you do) we'd love to offer you a special membership offer for your 1st official month at the HOUSE!


  • We will connect you with our amazing buddies over at evo if you are in need of getting your equipment snow ready or need to buy anything for this winter season! They are our go-to for everything outdoor sports!
  • We're working with the amazing Anne Healzer, MTI Physical Therapist and L3 PSIA Alpine Instructor, to schedule an In-session Injury Prevention Tech-Talk covering the importance of dryland training to be #snowstrong all winter (date TBD)
  • And finally, we will have Dr. Greg Johnson, Kinetic Sports Rehab provide movement Screens/ART Therapy (dates TBD) 

A little more info about what Mondays entail...

Our mission and focus is to make sure you don’t get left behind on the slopes. Our solid winter sports conditioning program, designed by elite training staff at FUELhouse gym and in partnership with sports chiropractors from Kinetic Sports Rehab, physical therapists from MTI Physical Therapy and local NW ski instructors, develops aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscular endurance and strength, fast-twitch speed and agility, balance and coordination. Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ice-skating, and snowboarding are all intense terrain sports that require a high level of fitness for skill improvement and injury prevention. 

It doesn’t matter what level you are, to avoid injuries and prepare for the demands of the terrain, every winter athlete should prepare with 8-10 weeks of dryland training. As the name implies, dryland training, incorporates strength training and mimics the movements you'll be doing on the snow, ice, and everything in between.

Our classes will feature a mix of strength, balance, plyometric, and cardiovascular exercise aimed at strengthening specifically for skiing, snowboarding, cross country, skate, and snowshoeing using a variety of equipment from your bodyweight, barbells and kettlebells. A typical class will progress from a 10-15 minute core warm up, to 30-45 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise featuring varying exercises every week, and conclude with a 5 minute full body reset before you leave.

Our second mission beyond fitness is to provide a platform for snowsports enthusiasts to mix, mingle and congregate in preparation for when the snow begins to fly. FUELhouse gym not only is an elite training gym but a community gathering space for those who love all things PNW. 

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Our one day workshops are designed to introduce you to Natural Movement, and give you the most important basics that you can practice in your daily life. We will focus on areas that need the most improvement and we will teach you routines that you can use and practice at home in twenty or thirty minutes a day.


  • 6 hours of professional instruction, including short lunch and snack breaks
  • Safe, step-by-step progressions for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels
  • MovNat’s principles, and how they will change how you think about the way you move
  • Understanding MovNat’s approach to developing movement skill and improving fitness
  • Special emphasis on ground movement for restoring stability and mobility
  • Introduction to each of MovNat’s movement domains, from crawling to climbing
  • How to incorporate MovNat into your existing fitness routine
  • How to incorporate MovNat into an at-home practice or busy lifestyle
  • Supplementary materials to help you implement your Natural Movement practice


1320 N 35th St
Seattle, WA 98103


Saturday: 12pm-6pm


Training gear (shorts, T-shirt, minimal shoes) for indoors and outdoors.
Snacks, fluids, and lunch.

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Member of the Month: Nissa Ferm


Where can you be found outside of the gym and what do you do for a living?

I work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations(NOAA) Alaska Fisheries Science Center out at Sand Point. I’m a fisheries biologist and I focus on the ecology of zooplankton, the small crustaceans that live in the water, and juvenile fish. The work I do has taken me to Antarctica and now the Arctic. I’ll be in the Arctic most of August and in the Bering Sea for most of September. Studying high latitude environments is exciting, they are very dynamic and trying to understand what will happen in a future with a warmer climate is difficult but necessary. When I’m not out on a research cruise, at my microscope, analyzing data or writing about it; you might find me reading at Miir, walking around Fremont and Capitol Hill, or trying to find a new board game to play. 

How'd you find out about FUELhouse?

I had moved into the neighborhood several months before FUELhouse opened. I’d walk by on my way to the 62 bus to get to work. I looked at what types of class were offered on the website and decided it was a perfect match for my style of working out. I joined a month after Fuelhouse opened and that point in my life it was there just when I needed it. Since I live so close I do feel guilty when I don’t go in the morning. 

What makes you commit to training even on days you don't feel like it? 

I know that even when I feel tired and I make it down to the House the morning class helps to get everything pumping. And I notice that on days I do go to the House or ride my bike to work I much more productive in the morning. I know it’s anecdotal evidence, maybe I should write it down to quantify it. 

What's your favorite movement/workout? 

My favorite workouts are the ones that incorporate lifting. Specifically deadlifts and push presses. 

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish at FUELhouse in the next year or have you already accomplished this goal and if so what is it? How about in your personal life? 

After I get back in October my goal is to focus on lifting and eating better. At the moment, being on research vessels for most of the summer really hampers good eating and work outs. The cook keeps making cookies and cakes everyday. There is only so much vessel to walk around and the only lifting I get is moving large baskets of jelly fish and fish around. In my personal life there are two goals. One goal is to travel more for pleasure, the other is continuing to learn new skills for work. For work I recently finished a year long R programming and Stats certification, next on my list is learning Python. 

Tell us a little known fact about yourself: 

I was in a SeaWorld commercial as a kid. 

What's the most delicious meal you've eaten recently? 

Recent, hmm. The cook on the ship made really nice pork chops with a fennel and peach sauce.

What's your favorite thing about being a FUELhouse athlete?

That it does feel like family and Molly and all the coaches are genuinely interested in my health and success as a FUELhouse athlete. 

Based on the name of Nissa's very first pet, and the name of the street she grew up on, her official stage name from here on out at the HOUSE is: 

Midnight Everview

More cool stuff from Nissa...

Nissa is half way done with the research cruise that she's on and one of the gals is writing a blog about it. , then go to Arctic Program Field blog. 

We can also track the vessel:

Report from current trip: This year there hasn’t been any sea ice so no polar bears or walruses. :(

Lady Fur Seal barking at Nissa in 2010

Lady Fur Seal barking at Nissa in 2010

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Training for Fat Loss

'I can't believe how high my heart-rate got when I increased my weights. This is just as hard if not harder than any traditional "cardio" workout.' -FH Member

I can't tell you how many times I hear this once a client realizes that they've been sandbagging their main strength workouts, afraid that their going to get too bulky.

This is once of the biggest misconceptions that I have seen over and over in relation to training for fat loss. We hear it all the time, mostly women, and some men, believing that they should avoid heavy or all weight training and only perform “cardio” and abdominal exercises to get their ideal physique. 

The worst is witnessing this in group classes.  As a coach you encourage people to challenge themselves, to push to a new level because you know that the end result is what their ideally looking for.  Who wants to keep doing the same thing or lifting the same weight?  Well, I guess not everyone cares about tracking progress, but you hope, as a coach, that your people will care.  So many of our humans "get it" but so many still go through the motions during the strength portion of one of our general fitness classes and then only focus on the conditioning portion of the workout – and often followed up by a few sets of sit-ups or something similar. My guess is that if you are guilty of this approach, you probably haven’t seen very good results with it. Maybe you lost a few pounds initially, but now you have plateaued and you may have even gained a pound or two.

This faulty approach is perpetuated by the insta-google "you tube" trainer who's more interested in selfies than actually showcasing their own clients, workout routines published in “fitness” magazines, and a few common exercise myths.


The hour or so you spend in the gym accounts for a very small portion of your daily caloric expenditure. Unless you are a professional athlete that trains and practices for several hours each day (did you hear that? I'll repeat....trains several hours a day), the large majority of your daily caloric expenditure comes from your Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR), the calories burned to sustain your bodily functions on a daily basis.  One of the most effective ways of increasing your BMR is through increasing the amount of lean muscle mass on your body. This is, of course, only achievable through weight training aka LIFTING AND PUTTING DOWN HEAVY SHIT, preferably in the form of deadlifts, squats, presses, and other multi-joint, compound movements. OMG no way?  Yes, yes we actually know what we're doing.  You see, for every pound of lean muscle that you add, you will burn approximately 50 calories more per day. That might not sound like much but keep in mind if you swap out 5 pounds of fat for 5 pounds of muscle, you will burn close to 300 extra calories a day before you even hit the gym. Furthermore, intense weight training results in an afterburn effect where your metabolism is elevated for up to 38 hours after your training session. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.  

Doing cardio alone will only decrease your BMR as time goes on. This turns into an uphill battle as your BMR keeps dropping, you’ll need to increase the amount of cardio you do to create the same deficit. Without weight training, you’ll lose muscle which will actually account for some weight loss, and you might even lose a few pounds of fat if your diet is decent, but it’s unlikely you will achieve (or maintain) the level of fat loss you desire.

“Won’t weights make me bulky?”
Weight training will add a few pounds of needed lean body mass which will in turn make you leaner and give you a better looking physique. If you are worried about getting bulky...then we should seriously take a look at your nutrition. Most people who are afraid weights will make them bulky are the same people known to complain about being unable to lose the last the few pounds of fat around their midsection while pouring their third glass of red wine, "brunching" every weekend or think gluten free pasta will solve all their problems.  These same people are the ones to point the finger at their current fitness program being the culprit of their plateau or weight gain, not the other 10-12 hours outside the gym. Yes. It must be our fault. Not theirs. 



“So how do I go about increasing my lean body mass and improving my body composition?”
Definitely focus on the strength component in our group workouts and push yourself during the finishers. Find an accountability buddy through the Tribe to do this with you!  If you want to get more experienced with lifting, consider signing up for the Tactical Strength Challenge on Oct 28th or any of our Barbell STRONG classes. You’ll focus on the core lifts, increasing strength, lean body mass, and overall performance. Many of our members signed up for the TSC or who have established a Performance/Strength goal with one of our coaches, have leaned out while getting stronger at the same time. Also, look into signing up for a nutritional consult with Coach Meg, or even the upcoming nutrition challenge that kicks off Sept 11th or our 6-Week Get FUELed specialty group for non-members and FH members!  You’ll get some useful instruction on how to dial in your nutrition so that you can improve your body composition and performance with a sustainable approach.  Need some dedicated 1:1 time to get dialed in and serious?  Then consider 1:1 training with any of our FH Coaches!

Take a look at your current approach to training and be honest about how well it has worked for you. Ask yourself: "How do I want to feel in 6-Weeks?".  If you are less than 100% satisfied with your current results, we hope you’ll consider our recommendations. And as always, feel free to consult any of your FUELHOUSE coaches if you need further guidance.

A solution for everyone: JOIN FUELhouse! (Don't miss out;)

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

We might be saying 'baiii' to summer. But we're saying 'heyyy' to a 3-day weekend first.

And then it's time to get focused.

You know what we mean about getting focused.  

It's that back-to-school feeling.

There's something about the fall that always inspires us to get our arses in gear. After fooding, boozing, and traveling our way through the summer months, it feels nice to get back into a routine for work, life, and fitness.  Many of us are ready to dig deep and set some serious fitness goals and there is nothing like the present to get started.  Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and gone.  

Don't you want to feel amazing?  Well then, lets do this.

We want to make it easy as heck for you to get focused and kick some serious fitness arse STARTING NOW.  If you're looking for the perfect way to create a fantastic fitness foundation for fall then here are some awesome programs we've designed just for our members and those new to our HOUSE:

  • 6-WEEK NUTRITION + FITNESS CHALLENGE* (Sept 11-Oct 20; $37 members only) Register Here
  • 6-WEEK GET FUELED TRANSFORMATION* (Sept 11-Oct 20; $300 non-members) Register Here
  • FIRESTARTER for beginners (Sept 19; $276 non-members) Register Here

*By joining one of our 6-Week Programs listed above, we guarantee you'll burn fathave more energy, and generally feel like a new you. But just like the summer, all good things must come to an end, so you got to jump on this by September 8th before this sweet deal sails off into the sunset.



If you’ve found yourself on this page, we bet you’re looking for a change. You may even be looking for a total transformation, of your body, of your behaviors, and all the things affected by your fitness – dating, energy levels, confidence, and more.

This CHALLENGE may not be the right solution for you. It’s not for everyone.

But if you’re here and still reading, we'd be happy to share a bit more about what this 6-Week Challenge is all about so you make the right decision for you.

The Challenge is $37 for FH members. We are providing the guidelines and you are in charge of owning your 6-Week actions! It's really that simple and straight forward.

We are asking people to commit to consistency, healthy eating and being accountable and responsible for their actions!

The Challenge is built around consistent training, mindfulness, and healthy eating. You will eat real food—no crash diets or MLM gimmicks. It’s hard work. It’s a commitment. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be amply supported by your Challenge teammates and our FH crew, all of whom are on deck to help you every step of the way.

We will work to help you meet your goals.

We’ve got you covered with all the following for only $37:

  • Kickoff Meeting on Saturday, Sept 9th at 10:30am! SIGN UP HERE
  • Body Spec Measurements week of Sept 11th.  SIGN UP HERE
  • Challenge forum for all communications
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Weekly Attendance Tracker
  • Optional Progress Picture contest – winner gets a cool prize!
  • Finale Party, a time dedicated to celebrating the success of all the participants who worked their butts off for six weeks!

The Basics:

  • To be successful you will be encouraged:
  • To attend a min. of 4 classes a week
  • To eat within our healthy guidelines, log your meals and evaluate your habits on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Commit to 6-weeks and prioritize your workouts and food

You will be supported and held accountable for everything by the FH team and your fellow Challengers via members-only forum.

At our kickoff meeting on September 9th at 10:30am, all Challenge information, expectations for participation and handouts will be provided and explained. We will also be taking before pictures at our kickoff meeting and encouraging everyone to find an accountability buddy. Goals for the group will be discussed, and questions answered. If you are READY to take on the Challenge – this meeting is where you will start!

We will take our BEFORE pictures on the first day of the Challenge at our 6-Week Challenge Kickoff Meeting – make sure to bring training clothes, short and/or spandex pants, and if you are a lady, please wear an athletic sports bra.

During the challenge, we will encourage Challengers to log their weight, food, and habits. “After” pictures and measurements will be taken the last week of the Challenge.

Again, this isn’t for everyone. This program works best when you are ready to go all-in and create some SERIOUS CHANGE.

In addition to the classes, FUELers get serious about nutrition and cooking, they read educational emails, and they often add on extra training sessions. In short… they work their bunz off!

Remember, there are no shortcuts here. Just smart training and nutrition executed consistently with the support of a like-minded community.


Accept and acknowledge that you are responsible for your actions at all times. We ask that you show up ready to learn, ready to be coached, and ready to prioritize your life for the next 6-weeks and beyond. We are here to coach and support your journey and we're pumped you are doing this with us. You must be mentally ready and show up with a non-skeptical, positive, open mind, ready to try new things and motivated to make positive changes. If you are at all on the fence then we recommend holding off and participating at a later date.

If we detect any toxicity or negativity, that has a direct effect on our Tribe of Challengers and/Coaches, you will approached by a manager and immediately removed from the group. No joke- we don't take this lightly. We protect our people.


LEARN MORE by clicking HERE

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You’ve decided you want to make a change and invest in your health, fitness and wellness. Congratulations! That’s a big step.



FIRESTARTER group classes are kept small to ensure quality attention. As you work through the 6 one-hour sessions you and your team will learn correct form and modifications for movements we use most at the HOUSE, using Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, and everything in between.  The small group setting will allow you to begin where you are right now and safely increase your intensity over several weeks.

This program is appropriate for anyone brand new to FUELhouse as it is our gym’s specific required starting point for anyone not previously experienced in Hardstyle Kettlebell and/or Barbell training or methodology.  This is the perfect place to both learn how to move well and make some new friends before transitioning into our Training Tribes or regular group classes.  Your registration is non-refundable so please ensure you can attend all 6 classes before committing.  

FOR 30-DAYS @ $276, YOU GET:

  • 6 small group training sessions on T/TH @ 5:30pm ($282 VALUE)*
  • 3 nutrition on Mondays at 5:30pm with Coach Meg ($150 VALUE)
  • 30 min strategy session to discuss your goals and how to maximize your results ($50 VALUE)
  • Access to M/W/F classes, Boxing and Yoga during your first 3-weeks ($197 VALUE)
  • UNLIMITED CLASSES, including Kettlebells, during your final week ($50 VALUE)
  • Access to our private Member Forum (PRICELESS)
  • Sign up with a buddy and each of you will receive a 10% discount

*If you are unable to join us in the evening classes please let us know.  We are gathering a list of those who would like to attend am FIRESTARTER classes.  Email