Joyce L., 30-Day Nutrition/Fitness Challenge participant and Boot Camper

“I met Molly at Elite Sports and Spine in July 2013. She had started teaching early morning boot camp April of that year. I really wanted to start taking her classes when she first started teaching at Elite but I was initially intimidated and wasn’t sure I wanted to give up my swimming on those mornings to attend her boot camp. I was forced to take a break from swimming due to an ear infection so I decided this was my chance to at least try one of her classes.

To give a little history about me, I have run several 5k‘s, 10k‘s, ½ marathons, one triathlon and one marathon. As you can see, I like to run. I have been sidelined several times from running due to injury. Before I started attending Molly’s boot camp, I was not doing much strength training or core work and I was carrying an extra 20 lbs. of weight.

The first class I took with Molly she had us walk down to South Lake Union carrying a kettle bell to do our workout. I was thinking that was a workout in itself. I fell in love with her first class. Molly’s workouts and her spunky personality were exactly what I was looking for. I was not able to run at the time due to an injury from my marathon race the prior summer.

I started taking Molly’s class twice a week and loved every minute of it. Each week I could tell I was getting stronger and stronger. I also began talking to Molly about nutrition. I have wanted to lose the extra 20 lbs. that I was carrying around and had not been able to do it on my own. She asked me to join her 24-day challenge in the beginning of September. It was a definite yes for me! I actually started cleaning up my diet a week prior to the challenge and I started losing weight right away.

The big difference for me was eliminating sugar, bread and pasta. I ate a lot of dark leafy greens, protein and fruit. I still allowed myself to have one latte a day.

During that challenge, I lost approximately 15 lbs. I have kept up my clean eating and have lost a total of 22 lbs. I started running again and ran my fastest ½ marathon at the end of November. I cut my time by about 15 minutes. I am currently training for my 2nd marathon, 2nd Seattle to Portland bike ride, Ragnar Relay Race, Race from Seattle to Vancouver BC bike ride and several ½ marathons in between.

My body is so much stronger because of Molly’s boot camps, her 24 Day Challenge, and my continued clean eating.”

Amy M., Boot Camper and 30-Day Fitness/Nutrition participant

“After participating in the Boot Camp and the 30-Day Nutrition Challenge, I feel MUCH more energized and my cravings for sweets have waned significantly. I no longer have a pronounced reduction in energy levels at 2:00pm on a workday, as long as I have a snack to tide me over until dinner.  Molly rocks!! She is an extremely motivating, hard-core trainer with an arsenal of workout ideas. She is always prepared to share and demonstrate proper technique and multiple variations of challenging exercises. Her positive energy is infectious and I always feel cared for and happy to be at every workout!”

Brooke L., Boot Camper and 60-Day Fitness/Nutrition Challenge participant

“In 2012, I joined Molly’s 60-Day Fitness Challenge. After some minor dietary changes and a major lifestyle overhaul, I exited the challenge with 4% higher lean muscle mass than I had upon beginning.  The Challenge encouraged me to set goals and reminded me of how fun fitness can be.  Together, Molly and I flipped the switch on my mentality as it relates to overall wellness.  Before, I was not a runner; last Sunday I earned a PR in a half marathon by 20 minutes.  Before, I was dining out 75% of the time and drinking heavily most days of the week; this week I will likely have two sensible meals out.   Molly whipped me into shape and helped me re-focus my lifestyle so that I can become the best version of myself – while assuring me that nobody is perfect and sometimes it’s okay to have half a sheet of brownies.  Everything in moderation.  Molly’s mission is simple: to help each client succeed at achieving his or her ideal body (whatever that might be).  She comes at you with a no-nonsense and inclusive attitude that empowers you to make results happen.  Molly’s creed? Eat Good Food.  And Exercise.  The value is phenomenal – individually, the program components would cost over $1,000.  Total cost for everything is under $300.  This is less than twice per week personal training and a gym membership at most fitness centers in Seattle – and it absolutely works.  Her workouts are challenging – but not impossible – and her attitude is contagious (even at 6 o’clock in the morning).  She’ll push you hard, you’ll get in a good sweat, and you’ll leave feeling like you belong to a community.”